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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 5, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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dents want to stop the violence. newest possible cause of autism. environment trumps genes? wgn news @ 9 chicago police speaking out about this beating caught on tape in the wake of you asking for the public's help. good evening top story of violent crime gone viral live at police station in lakeview and >> police finished with a press conference and the last half- hour they say no indication tonight that the attack was in any way a hate crime also they
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say although it is helpful to the video is out there it makes people more aware of what is happening in their community is in no way indicative of what normally happens in a lake view they have appointed resources to work on the case because they are determined to find people responsible for the attack. a brutal beating caught on tape. outraged many in the city's lake view neighborhood tonight police talking. >> we will work to make sure the opera resources are in the area appropriate resources we have a rise in robberies >>to make sure the area is safe and continues to be safe >> at a town hall meeting the beating by a gang of about 15 people on a one-man sunday night was the first topic addressed.
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>> we are all a shame that people in our neighborhood are being attacked. >> makes me change and modify my behavior i do not want at home at after midnight >> man who shot the video hoping to draw attention to what they say has been growing of violence at least three stabbings in less than three weeks. monday night they watched as a man was pummeled stabbed and slammed into a wall. >> i think it the visual that came from the actual taping sent a clear message. not quite as easy to sweep under the rug >> a legitimate concern for people in the neighborhood or in other parts of the city >> police want to make clear the
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other two stabbings not a group attacking 1% 81 on one incident aldermen tom tunney the district did not speak on camera but did say that the n halstead this alliance is working with police on the issue a meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 at the inter american school where residents can come out and speak about what happened and offer solutions also a facebook group started called take back town posting solutions and answers touse solve the crime in the area take back boytown 2300 followers >> three major traffic projects under way in the next couple of days gaynor hall near oasis
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i 90 >> drivers who take the tri- state tollway to the kennedy expressway to get into chicago in for a major detour and the delays starting tomorrow ramp carrying traffic will be shutdown for rehabilitation. >> it is a big hassle takes people out of their way >> we will take you through the detour because it is pretty tricky you need to get off of it to 94 south and to get onto i 90 190 west to ohare we are getting onto 190 west, a toll hope you have an ipad, now exiting now from 190 west to mannheim road south looping around and get back on 190 east
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from there finally merging into 90 east to chicago so took 5 minutes out of the way imagine when a lot of traffic. here is a look at alternate routes you could try taken the eden spur to inbound eden more road construction roads ontario street down to 2 lanes traffic for resurfacing projects and of july also another phase of the walker driver construction wacker closed to car traffic south of washington to monroe >> pedestrians can't use madison street madison fully open
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february 2012 also try clinton franklin, 40,000 people walk over the madison bridge heading to albeit transportation center and the union station at many announced st. closure on trains but some commuters still caught by surprise >> it is a logger walk but no short path to where i am going >> back out here along interstate 294 traffic rerouting starting tomorrow is expected to continue through the end of the year and a sense of the detour involved interstate 190 be advised traffic going in and out of o'hare airport could also be impacted did yourself extra time >> not guilty of murdering a 2 year old daughter the verdict today against casey anthony a
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decision that absolutely stunned many legal experts and the court of public opinion convicted of lying to police who investigated. >> 10 hours 40 minutes and 33 seconds and jury deliberations spare the casey anthony life in prison or the death penalty >> casey marie anthony jury of your peers down do not guilty to charges contained count to one of the indictment murder in the first degree >> not guilty of murdering her two year-old daughter caylee or child abuse or manslaughter but was convicted for misdemeanor counts of providing false and permission to law enforcement officers showed policrelief defense team showed defiance >> colp this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in a media assassination >> you cannot convict someone
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until they have had their day in court >> mountain of evidence presented during the six week trial did not eliminate all reasonable doubt >> disappointed with the verdict and a surprise because we know the facts i never ever criticized in the jury they have the task of deciding what to believe >> jurors 71 and five men refused to speak after the verdict >> the public quickly reacted >> i do not know if they watched the same thing we watched it is shocking and >> i do not think anybody here believes that >> set the thing is set for thursday it >> caught up with wgn a legal analyst terry sullivan here is his take on the prosecution and why they lost the case >> obviously they cannot put the case together well enough to even have the jury come back and ask a simple question of the judge, not anything that the
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jury believed for the standard of reasonable doubt >> adding to the jurors did their job by not letting the emotion and pressure of a high- stakes trial influence their decision coming up another boater saw him take his last breath a man drowns in lake michigan on july 4th family sharing more about the life lost it >> personal expense a fired worker tried to bill the county for >> autism and the environment controversial study examines the origin of the condition >> tom skilling says we could see a passing storm or two tomorrow
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wgn news @ 9 cargo aviation department has officially hired a new company to run concessions at terminal 5 international terminal to terminal held up when mayor emmanuel stop it appeared westfield had an inside track when some said other companies would make more money for the city giving it the ok because the administration tells them
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tonight expect to be on the new council agenda tomorrow >> how and man fell out of date boat in lake michigan to more and last night what did or did not happen afterwards, >> by all accounts including from the youtbue videos a talented 29 at year-old singer- songwriter and a martial artist >> and not in trouble of that nature just a real tragic that it happened to >> this afternoon on pulled rich garret families to come to grips with the sudden death the drowning in the waters of lake michigan near navy pier as thousands that is watching the city's fourth of july fireworks >> he was in a real good shape worked out and everything so we still have hopes went there looking for him that he somehow made it to short >> first call from help came
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from another boater who told me off-camera he watched helplessly as he saw chris had a pop-up above the water for a split- second struggling clearly and gasping for breath before he finally went under for the last time within minutes police a ride on the scene but by that time it was too late >> his shirt was recovered last night from this area, we went right to the same area and we located the victim within 25 yds of the markers that we had placed from last night. >> he was recovered at 30 ft. from the bottom face up >> chicago detectives remained tight-lipped about the investigation and the circumstances that led up to it leaves little comfort to the family tried to make sense of the death of a young man who was simply trying to celebrate the nation's birth. >> firefighter paramedic injured while trying to extinguish a
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multi alarm fire in a south chicago to flat firefighters rushed to the to the half story building in the 8300 block of south phillips avenue just before 4:00 this afternoon the injured firefighter taken to advocate christ medical center in oak lawn after being stabilized. no one else was injured. follow up from investigation of former cook county solid waste coordinator fired after he reported the past bribery conviction conflicted with current job come to the county's attention that while at the job brakes of personal chevy tahoe fixed bill was sent to a bogus cook county government work order mechanic yet to be paid for the 15 hundred other job done nearly two years ago >> crackdown on lobbyists mayor rahm emmanuel announced new proposals today to make business at city hall more transparent and to limit the power of lobbyists. >> the bidding gets to can get
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to city hall employees at prohibiting lobbyists from lending money to affected employees and the city employees for the first time >> emmanuel will introduce those ideas along with a few others at a city council meeting tomorrow the steps the latest he will take since assuming office on his first day as mayor signed six executive orders to improve transparency >> president obama will host top democrats and republicans at the white house on thursday with two objectives raise the amount of money the country can be in debt and shave more than two trillion dollars off the federal budget over the next 10 years extended the invitation at a news conference this afternoon. >> it is important for us to show the american people and leaders we can find common ground and solve problems in a responsible way we know that it will require tough decisions >> president and lawmakers do not have much time to find a deal the treasury department says the government's ability to
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borrow money and pay debts will expire august 2nd coming up president of a town more than 70 percent hispanic, chief accused of ethnic slurs against latinos and at lawsuit filed by a town handyman >> changes to adoption laws crating the look, we've all dealt with the itching of athlete's foot. i can't just wash it away. killing it takes clinical strength. i only use lotrimin ultra. its powerful formula can even cure severe cases of athlete's foot. nothing cures better. lotrimin ultra. the killer cure.
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help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. s wgn news @ 9 cicero town president larry dominick accused of wrongfully firing city employee, merced rojas worked as a handyman for
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larry dominick until fired in 2006 claims that he spoke using racial slurs against hispanics white published spanish-language newspaper critical of larry dominick claiming that they are politically motivated >> vicious publication targeted at people in cicero the town in targeting people personally like my wife and myself with no limit to what it will publish cicero el di newspaper aligned with former cicero president merced rojas betty loren-maltese critical of the cicero administration under larry dominick >> rehabilitated birth parents
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yolanda miller hooked on crack cocaine and cannot take care for children removed children of their home and put them up for adoption with relatives, now rehabilitated and with a new law backing her miller was able to reunite with four upper grown children claim they never lost face with faith with their mother >> it is ok i am very proud of my mother very proud i never go through anything because i know what we have been through, we are blessed and we are strong and happy >> yolanda miller five more adult children who want their rights restored >> chicagos former top police officer jody weis police superintendent no longer unemployed take the position of deputy director, expected to hold a news conference tomorrow to outline plans when non-profit
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crime organization >> boy and man setting off fireworks in their yard went to the hospital not the explosion that took them there and final countdown clock begins to tick for the shuttle program and later to report on autism that has some parents outraged.
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accident during fireworks show with nothing to do with the explosives kansas city driver mowed down a nine year old boy and 39 aldermanic as they shot off fireworks in the street mother was watching son suffered broken leg cuts and bruises man less seriously injured the ford mustang that hit them was
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damaged and took off police on the lookout for that vehicle search continues of baja california coast or at least five people as many as eight people all missing the eight day after a fishing boat capsized so far just one confirmed death and american. over 40 people on board exact number is still being debated all 16 crew members of survived. countdown begins at cape canaveral for america's final space shuttle mission atlantis due to lift off and friday for a 12 day mission in space marking the last of 135 shuttle missions over the past 30 years nasa says fickle florida weather may throw a glitch into launch plans for member atlantis crew will carry equipment to the international space station including an iphone to be used in experiments, program will be history when they return >> tom skilling joins us next with the forecast the nights are about to cool down and routine patrol? no such thing. ohio
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problems at all nailed with heavy rain over the weekend but the western half of the area pretty dry. we mentioned this last night the skiing a fourth of july snowbird utah, amazing. came back from snowbird and said that he heard us talking about this russ duszak sent us photos latest have ever snowed, bare patches but the winter produced record snow across the rocky mountains could be reservoirs' what it meant in a lake tahoe at snowbird ski and yesterday on the fourth of july. gusty thunderstorms producing a 50 mi. per hour wind hail and
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parts of nebraska and a big storms in western iowa tonight falling apart at the moment may agree blossom and warmth of the afternoon tomorrow you can see storms right up there and others to the southwest and yet as these things come southeastward running out of speed yellows and whites disappearing right there a good look at the radar right now these were pretty progressive prolific lightning producing a while ago storms continue to be in the green bay area and these showers fading and others to the west. as we keep up tomorrow a couple of these will blossom again so there may be a shower or thunderstorm actually a tornado watch in affect parts of iowa and other storm watches with counties under warnings indicated right there solid yellow. also it thunderstorm watch monsoon like flow coming into the southwest that time of the year. baja california. and
9:31 pm
our area warm weather expected and isolated late night what now appears to be showers perhaps thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon not a big deal most out vistamar wrote rain free follow our 80 degree day 90 degree day at o'hare with a 91 and 92 at midway we expect 86 degrees tomorrow and northeast wind wednesday night and thursday to cool a soft here is what the computer models are doing what is left of showers sprinkles by the time to get there tonight lots of clouds coming into the area and we start the day with a mix of sun and clouds you will see thunderstorms blossom as a daytime heating takes place and date lake breeze comes in with convergence of wind that may help us on what had been made about 30 percent of the area with a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon dry thursday and friday saturday also most of the day 92 degrees at midway
9:32 pm
airport, long beach hit in indiana 81 degrees today. the air mass coming in tomorrow producing 88 degrees in the twin cities not desperate the cooler but cooler than it has been. humidity very modestly lower you will notice tomorrow night and thursday in particular current temperature is still in the '90s in oklahoma and cooling behind the showers up to the no. 69 degrees and madison with a light westerly wind northeast and mchenry county of of dying cluster of showers through southern wisconsin temperatures of lower to the north we will lose a few degrees on the temperature, and here over the next couple of days wind west northwest and the dew point 61
9:33 pm
moderate grass pollen today courage temperatures 85 degrees in our area, as warm as it has been four hours temperatures have gone up along the shore the view from outside here 84 degrees at o'hare airport 85 degrees at o'hare and midway, here is the forecast for the chicago area ted knight increasing might be a shower and spots but only 20 percent coverage. certainly not going to be anything dealing with dry weather which has invaded the western suburbs in the last week. low temperatures 68 degrees. we tend to get if only an inch and a half of rand you tend to get dry pretty fast showers and thunderstorms in the
9:34 pm
afternoon in particular cooler later in the day lake breeze come again mostly cloudy tomorrow night low temperatures 64 degrees with partly sunny and cooler thursday still nice 81 degrees with low 70's at the beaches perhaps 83 degrees to mid upper seventies by friday, weekend will get warm we will show you that pretty good rain on monday on around here so we may deal with the dry spell that >> new research blame others for autism? medical watch next results of a controversial new study and dash cam video one of the stranger police chases we have seen in a while.
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9:38 pm
taken by the mother the finding sparking controversy and a warning from doctors who say the genetic autism link is proven some mothers say from the moment their children are born they notice something suggestive of the later autism diagnosis. other mothers see a dramatic change by about age 2 doctors say the truth is they did not know why. >> people have been trying to find the magic bullet the absolute ideology to the incredible increase in autism spectrum diagnosis and we did not have an answer. >> a new study of twins both identical and fraternal in the archives of general psychiatry offers potential explanations. combination of environmental and genetic factors. >> we have identical twins you would have expected identical twins would have the same likelihood 100 percent concordance if it was 100 percent genetic of developing autism and this study found that was not the case >> researchers initially found
9:39 pm
concordance rates of 77 percent for identical twins 31 percent for fraternal twins but then the data of that into a computer model and results changed dramatically. this time calculation showed 38 percent of autism came from genes 58 percent came from the environment study authors say there is a wide margin for error and thus the populations could be incorrect. those who help families with autism like rush university medical center dr. louis kraut says more research is necessary >> we need to make sure it is accurate and then began to look at other in bar at the possibilities that could increase the likelihood of having autism >> infections chemical exposure yvette ssri anti depressants taken by expectant mothers have been floated as possibilities but experts say until there is better evidence parents should not change their habits based on the study
9:40 pm
>> the tragedy we saw previously has been the issue with vaccines for example so many people stopped getting vaccines and we started to see kids getting sick kids getting measles and dying with something that did not have a scientific basis and we did not want that to happen do not truly have research to support any specific environmental issue in tax autism and that is an incredibly take: incredibly important take home message >> what we have is research to show early intervention occupational speech physical and behavioral therapy do help children with autism and autism spectrum disorder experts say in the absence of a definitive cause helping children cope with their disorder should be the focus now >> coming up 360 degrees of sold-out crowd at soldier field the place packed for u2 a look at the show going on right now and everybody's new favorite south side slugger asidedam dunn and the white sox back in action
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one. wgn news @ 9 chicago vans of the rock band u2
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to wait one year for the makeup concert at soldier field but ask anyone at the lakefront they will say it worth the wait took three days to set up the world tour concert u2 took the stage a short time ago >> in ohio, reckless driver note is a course, chased runaway horse 8 mi. of running down the middle of the grass median of the highway to police cars tried to box the horse and stopped traffic so nobody would get hurt and eventually animal captured on injured and returned to the owner >> some stories you'll find tomorrow's chicago tribune at the north high school students swept through the standardized test next prank will not have to worry about writing sentences or picking the best over canceled last romine test 7 hover $2
9:45 pm
million savings over $2 billion part of state spending plan to them as americans former president george w. bush and actor sylvester stallone turned 65 years old tomorrow, does 65 years old still mean retirement? slowing down? to the nursing home? what seniors are doing these days by necessity or choice. >> chicago safety committee advanced an ordinance allowing firing ranges within city limits but with serious restrictions only in areas zoned for manufacturing and even then only manufacturing areas not within 1,000 ft. of school church playground >> considered elderly at 65? >> i would say no. what what i know? hello tom skilling >> i want to hear the explanation also but we have some amazing shot coming out of arizona tonight a dust storm
9:46 pm
couple of shower speeding away in our area as you can see you can see the showers in arizona watch this. whether camera showing other storm flows creating an incredible dust storm situation one camera, here is another dust in the area, monsoon it like storms going on look at the wind gusts personal high temperatures costs in the right-hand column, to sun cost 71 mi. per hour tonight thunderstorms rolling get over all of the dry terrain sanding dust airborne pretty dramatic stuff for us those are thunderstorms in the warm day tomorrow faded out tomorrow night giving way to a couple of nice days with shot response and downstate by friday morning quiet showers read blossom and downstate severe weather tomorrow stand to the bust of us so we did not have to worry and
9:47 pm
west northwest upper band keeping court of heat to the southwest, temperatures moderate instead of 92 degrees and midway mid '80s tamara and toward blossom and heading our way along with a healthy dose of moisture giving way to good thunderstorms@@ later in the weekend@ like sunday night and @@@monday looking like a heavy rain set up says something to definitely watch. temperatures tonight on the in the '70s 60s in the western suburbs. rising tamara to be made 80s and back along the lakeshore as a lake breeze comes at 60s tomorrow night 80s '70s on the shore line again on thursday looking at the rest of the seven day. dew points low mid 60s humidity
9:48 pm
starts rising saturday afternoon and no rain expected late in the day with a thunderstorm possible windy thunderstorms blossom in an afternoon heat and humidity and a good number of thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid '80s on monday might also alleviate dryness showing up over an area from chicago west did not get into heavy rain on thursday and friday radar warmup on friday expected in the area, waited until saturday instead. >>detour rebuilding project parts of illinois tollway which begins tomorrow and a search and rescue team set out her this morning on the lake later turned up a body part of today's chicago tribune pictures of the day. >> alternate routes located nearby traffic will start to
9:49 pm
manage itself. a >> a share it was recovered last night from this area so we went back to the same area and we located the victim within 25 yds of the markers that we had in place. >> yolanda's children wanted to be adopted as adults to be their mother's child again. >> my mother took over and i knew that it was not my mother. it was not her job to raise my children it was my job. >> it is pretty amazing p and back with my mother we are blessed and is a love strong and happy. >> sports and next first lady on hand hoping she could see the chicago cubs get their first victory and washington and stars of the pga already are riding in
9:50 pm
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have two sides that go beyond ordinary wipes. you can feel the difference. learn more at dan roan >>adam dunn got to feel for this
9:53 pm
guy, or at least one evening a spark of life loosening up before tonight's game against kansas city stock in a horrific slump since day one last night a single brought a standing ovation from the south side crowd in the eighth inning down by one did what they are paying him $50 million to do to run home run helped them win the game at least tonight, the gorilla off his back, >> he can handle that he can sit and mobile about it or have fun about it i am trying to keep some sanity myself and that is the only way i know how to do that >> you have respect for them make it very clear and to just worry about what is going to
9:54 pm
happen in the future than in the past this guy does not need to play for numbers just help us win games >> happy about the dunn reemergence had dancing girls fell behind 3-0 in the first inning and paul konerko #22, then carlos quentin up the middle tied at 3 then adam dunn chance to untie in 4th relapsing, 6th inning jake peavy to matt trenner 9th inning trail royals 5-3. yesterday's chicago cubs opened washington series throwing game away literally just to show not a fluke they did that again
9:55 pm
tonight, michele obama at the ballpark grudgingly rooting for the chicago cubs who sat out ramon ortiz the stakes and injuries not helping to run scored from away 3-0, in the fifth inning aramis ramirez another home run cannot scratch out another run the rest of the night losing again in washington 3-2. >> that would be the british open championship taking a tour of the john deere factory john deere classic in,quad cities, golf working out well for him now, to win this week, steve stricker #5 player in world 2 time defending champ played at
9:56 pm
college in illinois of every year looks at this a bad as summer homecoming game. >> i look forward to coming here every year a great eve that the great job running it john deere a great sponsor to have for the event and tour, enjoyed the course and people feels like home to me, last couple of years you add those things together makes for a place you want to come to >> tiger woods pulling out of the british open as expected and blackhawks victor stalberg and chris campoli file for arbitration of those in the past have been sent packing but they want chris campoli back, finally oregon state roberto nelson on mission trip to macedonia brought the house down shattered boards the all the things asked himself what 20 stitches what a story for people back home
9:57 pm
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